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Services #2

Researchpod can undertake text and picture research on a wide range of historical and contemporary topics - social, cultural, economic, political, technological, medical, commercial and educational.

Researchpod can prepare copy, scripts, stories, indeed documents of any nature, each specifically tailored to the requirements of the client's brief.

  Private - Personal, family history, academic

  Corporate - Company histories, product histories, product launches

  Public - Institutional history, trend research

  Publishing - Facts, dates, biographies, stories, chapters, books

  Media - Web, tv, radio, newspaper stories, copy, advertising, slogans

  Educational - school materials for teachers and pupils

  Heritage & Leisure - Museum and gallery exhibition scripts, object research, catalogues, promotional materials

This is only a sample list, so don't worry if your business is other than these examples. Contact Researchpod now with your requirements to see how we can help you.

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