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Lifting the lid on the tin can opener

Making a Stand to Take a Pee

Get a Grip — the invention of the Rawlplug

Know Your Noses! Comic Reliefs Red Nose Days 1988 - 2009

New publication from Researchpod - Isle of Man Telephone Cards - A handbook for collectors

A brief history of Pilgrim Pipe Company and some of their clay pipes

Know Your Clothes Noses! Comic Relief's Red Nose Pin Badges 1995 - 2009
The Tobacco Pipe, Pipe Clays, And Tobacco by John George Reynolds 1862

Stories #3

This is basically the portfolio page where I provide examples of short stories, or essays if you like, on topics which will be of interest to general and specialist visitors alike. Here you can find out about the invention of the tin can opener, the enigma of the female urinal, the story of the Rawlplug, and the history and highlights of Comic Relief's Red Nose Days - from their inception back in 1988, right through to this year's memorable fundraising marathon in 2009.

All are cues to the diversity of work which can be undertaken. New stories will be added from time to time. Coming soon will be Tea-Making Machines - the unknown history. Intrigued? Then keep an eye on this page.
Black and White photo of David Woodcock